one day I will make a beautiful Marauders graphic

as soon as I can find someone other than Aaron Johnson and Karen Gillan to play James and Lily

  1. stalker-magnet said: Amen.
  2. lessaofpern said: I love Aaron —- Sophie Turner is currently my Lily, but she’s not perfect yet.
  3. kittythegrimm said: How about Sophie Turner as Lily instead?
  4. fightwing23 said: I think sophie turner would be a good lily
  5. carnelianflames said: Rachel Hurd-Wood would make a good Lily.
  6. thrashbash said: I’m totally looking forward to this.
  7. ambientmagic said: I saw a Spohie Turner as Lily graphic that I liked pretty good… In a couple years the girl that played kid Lily in the movies will be grown up enough to use.
  8. teacup-peony said: I recently joined a HP roleplay and searched for like four hours for a good, non-cliche Lily. My favorite was Anna Lutoskin, a model. Just throwing that out there. xD
  9. flerica said: Julie McNiven (Anna on Supernatural)?
  10. bethisalive said: does your lily actress have to have red hair? because there are a lot of red-headed actresses from the lizzie bennet diaries to choose from, or sophie turner or rose leslie from game of thrones…
  11. inthehouseofstark said: that’s my problem too haha. I look forward to the graphic omg
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