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For all of us who grew up on disney movies, who watched our vhs tape all the way through just to rewind it and watch it again, a celebration of the greatest end credit songs in our favorite movies.

Rise and shine, sleeping beauty!
↳ Disney Princesses + waking up

Each year on her birthday, the King and Queen released thousands of lanterns into the sky in hope that one day - their lost Princess would return.



And then the art style changed….

Art challenges technology, technology inspires art.

What, in your opinion, makes Tangled a better story than Frozen? I love both, but I'm interested to read your thoughts.

OK, so this is a huge can of worms, but I guess now is as good a time as any to address this. This is all just my opinion and you do not need to attack me for having it, OK? OK.

  • The supporting characters in Frozen are so flat compared to the characters in Tangled. Anna and Elsa’s parents are so unlikable and we don’t even know them. But Rapunzel’s parents can make me cry without saying a word. More importantly, we know nothing about Kristoff. We don’t even get a little backstory bio, just little implications  here and there and then we’re supposed to be happy he ends up with Anna at the end. And even worse are those stupid trolls. The movie would’ve been 50% better just by removing them. They were unlikable and annoying at best, manipulative and controlling at worst. Even Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Hans never really come to life for me - they always feel like animated characters. Whereas, watching Tangled, it’s easy for me to forget that Rapunzel, Flynn, and Mother Gothel aren’t real people.
  • The story feels muddled all the way through. Tangled weaves this intricate plot with the lanterns, the chance meeting, the deal between Rapunzel and Flynn, the lost princess twist. It’s not perfect - the deus ex machina involving the magic suns that are in all of Rapunzel’s paintings is not good - but it’s still well done. The story in Frozen just feels thrown together. Why is the Duke there? A red herring villain, OK, but that’s not enough. I feel like every twist and turn in Tangled has a purpose, but in Frozen they just were like, “OK, we need something to happen here or we need someone to fill this space.”
  • This might just be a personal preference, but I wanted a bigger climax. I love the recent twists on true love we’ve seen with Frozen and Brave, but all the ground work was there for someone to have powers that rival Elsa’s - either fire powers from Hans or some kind of spring/summer powers from Anna. This just felt like a huge missed opportunity.
  • I always lay out my arguments against Frozen and then finish it up with, “Except I love Elsa’s character and the soundtrack is fantastic.” I stand by the first. Elsa is amazing for so many reasons. But the soundtrack is… I mean, it’s good. I love “Love is an Open Door,” and obviously “Let It Go.” But I hate the gimmicks of “Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?” “Frozen Heart” promises an authentic, Norwegian-inspired sound that is immediately thereafter abandoned. “In Summer” is cute, I guess. “Fixer-Upper” has a terrible message, and as much as you might want to fight against it and say I’m reading the lyrics wrong and that it’s really about Elsa and all that, that’s great, but the terrible message is still sitting right there on the surface and that’s not good. I loathe ”Reindeer(s) Are Better Than People” because it’s so hokey and has to follow such an inspired song as “Let It Go” and totally kill the mood when listening to the music. And while I enjoy singing along to “For the First Time in Forever,” I can’t stand how contrived Anna’s lyrics are while singing about being gassy and wanting to stuff her face full of chocolate. Others find it endearing, and that’s fine, but it just feels forced to me. I love everything about the Tangled soundtrack, even if Mandy Moore’s singing is a little breathy. “Mother Knows Best” is perfect, and I love “I See the Light” so much.
  • My biggest qualm of all: the sloppy animation. Guys, it’s… it’s so, so bad. I’m not even talking about Elsa’s hair phasing through her arm, I couldn’t give a crap about that. It’s the expressions and the animation of the characters, the emptiness in the Arendelle architecture and background characters. So much care was put into designing the world of Tangled and its beauty. Years were spent specifically building a look for the film, crafting its feel and its world and its inhabitants, and that work shows. It’s a beautiful film. I read somewhere that they put effort into making it so that you could freeze the movie at any given shot, and you’d be able to put a picture frame on that shot and hang it on a wall as a piece of art. And I think that’s true. Have you ever tried to find a derpy picture of Rapunzel? It’s really hard. You have to catch her mid-blink or something. That’s just not there in Frozen. Elsa’s expressions are all over the place, even in “Let It Go.” You don’t even have to pause it to see her face stretch awkwardly and out of place. And this is everywhere in the movie. Another big place you can see it is when Anna punches Hans. His face retracts like rubber or something. If this happened in Tangled, the animators would have looked at the way a human face reacts to a punch and would’ve carefully recreated that. In Frozen, we just invert his face like Play-Doh.

This doesn’t even touch my love for The Snow Queen, and how great it would have been to have a female hero rescuing a dude in distress… There are plenty of fairy tales about sister, let’s use those for this, and use The Snow Queen as it is. But that’s… most of it. Once again this is just my opinion, you’re allowed to disagree, and you’re also allowed to refrain yourself from attacking me for disliking an animated movie, please please please. Thanks.

What about Ever After do you like so much?

Gosh, what is there not to like about Ever After? Everything about it is great. The expansion of the prince’s role, the placement in a historical setting (even though it’s painfully inaccurate, it’s still fun). I like seeing fairy tale retellings that remove the magic, and I love seeing real, historical people brought in (Leonardo da Vinci here, or Lucrezia Borgia in Gregory Maguire’s Mirror Mirror). Anjelica Huston is perfect as Baroness Rodmilla de Ghent. I love that her full name is Danielle, and I love her mother’s full name, it’s so fun to say - Nicole de Lancret. I love the King and Queen, I LOVE Jacqueline and Marguerite, I love the design of the glass slipper, I adore the frame story where the Grande Dame is relaying the story of her great-great-grandmother to the Grimm Brothers, I love that Danielle is La Scapigliata, I love the scene with the wedding to the Spanish princess, I love the dialogue…

What don’t I love? It drives me nuts that they so firmly set it in France and they all speak with British accents. It also bothers me that the Grande Dame is speaking to the Grimm Brothers about glass slippers and fairy godmothers when really she should be speaking with Charles Perrault. It would’ve been a simple fix. Also the Mona Lisa is painted on wood and couldn’t be rolled up into a tube like it is in the movie… so basically the simple factual errors bother me. BUT the telling of the tale? Beautiful. Perfect.